Flying a Cessna for the day!

Took my brother on a “First Discovery Flight” at the Aviation Specialists Inc for his birthday and was able to film the entire flight from the back seat. Was so relaxed afterwords I wanted to take a nap. This was his first time flying a plane and our instructor let him take off and we even got to fly above the clouds for a while. The flight was about 30ish minutes and was only about $60. That sounded like a no brainier to us so we had to try it out and happy we did. We were both a little nervous on the drive to the Flight School but once we talked with the instructor he eased our nerves. I would recommend this to any one wanting to see what its like flying a plan.


Cessna Plane, a set on Flickr.

This is the plane we took up. Once you have the headset on she barely makes any noise and we had minimal turbulence. Was super relaxing. For more information here is their web site 5100 Bess Moore Rd, Apison, TN 37302 and their location.

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